How To Make A Floral Crown


To help celebrate Midsummer Solstice, many people wear flower crowns. Here is a quick guide on how to make your own crown. Making a flower crown can be a fun project to do. Offering lots of creative opportunities, the look can change with the flowers and colors chosen.


Step One: Gather Your Supplies

You will need the follow items to make your floral crown:

floral tape

floral wire


fresh flowers

The first few items can be found at your local craft store.  Flowers can be purchased from your florist, local store, farmers market or picked from your own garden. I chose to use ranunculus, poppies and anemones for this example. It is important that you gather your flowers and let them sit in water for a few hours, so they are nice and hydrated before you start making your crown.  Some flowers last longer out of water than others, so test a few varieties out to see what works best for you.  My go-to flowers for crowns are roses, orchids and succulents for the longest lasting crowns.  But any flowers will work!


Step Two: Measure the Wire to Your Head

Take a length of wire and wrap it around your head. Make sure you place the wire where you want the crown to sit.  Personally, I like a crown to sit low on my forehead. Others like their crowns to sit high, more like a head band.  Cut the wire a few inches longer than needed, so you can twist and secure the two wire ends to each other.  For my example, the wire gauge (thickness) was rather thin, so I chose to use two lengths of wire to make the crown stronger.

CountryBouquetsFloral-HowToMakeAFloralCrown-KelliClarePhotography-003 CountryBouquetsFloral-HowToMakeAFloralCrown-KelliClarePhotography-004

Step Three: Wrap Your Wire Crown With Floral Tape

This step is not completely necessary, but I like to have a finished look on my crowns.  And since I used two lengths of wire, I want to bind them together.  Break a length of floral tape off from the roll. Start wrapping the tape around the wire, gently pulling on the tape to make it tight.  If you need more tape, just break off another piece and add it to the crown form. Using floral tape takes a bit of getting use to. Wrapping your crown form with tape will give you practice before you start working with the flowers!



Step Four: Add Your Flowers and Greens

Now for the fun part, adding flowers to your crown!  There is a lot of artistic freedom in how to choose and assemble your flowers onto your crown.  I am going to show you my preferred method to try for yourself.  I am a fan of mixing flowers with greens.  The greens add texture and fragrance, if they are herbs.  Shown in my example are several colors of sage and astilbe leaves. To start my crown, I placed a flower on top of a leaf and laid them on the wire.  Then, with a piece of floral tape, I started to wrap the stems to the crown form. Your stem length should be about two inches long, giving you enough length to attach the flowers to the form.

CountryBouquetsFloral-HowToMakeAFloralCrown-KelliClarePhotography-007 CountryBouquetsFloral-HowToMakeAFloralCrown-KelliClarePhotography-006

Step Five: Continue Adding Flowers and Greens

Continue added flowers and greens to your crown in the same fashion, by laying a set of flower and greens on top of the last set.  Move the flowers around before your attach them, so their placement is where you want them. Wrap the stems completely before moving on.  I prefer to fully wrap my stems as it protects the stem from drying out too fast.  Layering the flower stems on top of each other will add strength to your crowns shape as well. It is helpful to try your crown on and look in the mirror as you are constructing it, too.  This allows you to place the focal flowers exactly where you want them in relation to your face.


Step Six: Wear Your Crown

When you have added as many flowers as you want to your crown, it is time to wear it! Flower crowns do not last very long, so create your crown just before you plan to wear it.To keep your crown fresh, keep it in your fridge. And don’t forget to take a picture of yourself wearing your crown. I bet you will be smiling, too!