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Private Stanwood Residence Wedding | Emily + Matt


The bride and her family have been friends of ours since she was young. She grew up across the street from my parents. I remember her when she was little, with braces and skinned knees. She visited us in the hospital when our first daughter was born. Then she grew up to be the most beautiful person, so smart and a loyal friend. Not sure I ever told her, but she reminds me of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books! When she asked me to help with her wedding flowers, I was thrilled! She wanted locally grown garden flowers in shades of blush, white and sage. They fit beautifully with their wedding location, at the grooms parents house in Stanwood, WA. My favorite part was the path they mowed through the grass field, to the ceremony location.  Theirs is a wedding I will always remember! Photographer | Ryan FlynnRead More

How To Make A Floral Crown


To help celebrate Midsummer Solstice, many people wear flower crowns. Here is a quick guide on how to make your own crown. Making a flower crown can be a fun project to do. Offering lots of creative opportunities, the look can change with the flowers and colors chosen. Step One: Gather Your Supplies You will need the follow items to make your floral crown: floral tape floral wire clippers fresh flowers The first few items can be found at your local craft store.  Flowers can be purchased from your florist, local store, farmers market or picked from your own garden. I chose to use ranunculus, poppies and anemones for this example. It is important that you gather your flowers and let them sit in water for a few hours, so they are nice and hydrated before you start making your crown.  Some flowers last longer out of water than others, so testRead More

Flower Crown Workshop


Flower crowns are one of my favorite floral items to create.  There’s something so carefree and joyous about wearing flowers in your hair that makes me just smile. When Jenny Cookies asked me to teach a workshop on floral crowns for her Mother’s Day Ladies Lunch, of course I said yes! How much fun to spend the afternoon playing with flowers and eating chocolate. Sign me up! The dessert table was stunning, full of color and yummy treats. We thought hoops with flowers on them would look like flower crowns, providing the inspiration for the focal wall. Placing small clusters of flowers on the hoops gave just enough color, still allowing the gold hoops to be seen. Think this idea is one of my all time favorite backdrops! Instead of creating centerpieces for the dining tables, I placed the flowers and greens for the crowns in various sized vases and ran them down the center ofRead More