Flower Crown Workshop


Flower crowns are one of my favorite floral items to create.  There’s something so carefree and joyous about wearing flowers in your hair that makes me just smile. When Jenny Cookies asked me to teach a workshop on floral crowns for her Mother’s Day Ladies Lunch, of course I said yes! How much fun to spend the afternoon playing with flowers and eating chocolate. Sign me up!

CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-007 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-013 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-005

The dessert table was stunning, full of color and yummy treats. We thought hoops with flowers on them would look like flower crowns, providing the inspiration for the focal wall. Placing small clusters of flowers on the hoops gave just enough color, still allowing the gold hoops to be seen. Think this idea is one of my all time favorite backdrops!

CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-006 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-008 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-012

Instead of creating centerpieces for the dining tables, I placed the flowers and greens for the crowns in various sized vases and ran them down the center of the table.  The flower options repeated down the table, so everything was within arms reach. The over all look was lush and colorful.  All the flowers were grown locally and were they ever gorgeous! The wooden farm tables and benches were provided by my friend Amanda of Rustic Events Rentals.

CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-014 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-015 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-017

After enjoying settling into our seats and having a bite to eat, I started to teach everyone how to create a crown.  We measured the wire to our heads, with some of the girls needing a bit of help. Then I showed how to add flowers.  Using floral tape is a bit difficult at first for most people, but everyone got the hang of it. Then the fun really began, choosing the flowers to use!

CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-009 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-010 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-016 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-019 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-020 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-031

An important part of creating a flower crown is testing it out in front of a mirror.  Sometimes the crown is too big and it slips off your head. And, of course, getting a few more pieces of chocolate is a must.

I will finish this post with some of the sweetest pictures imaginable, taken by KCB Photography. What I loved most about this afternoon was how much joy the flowers brought to everyone. They were smiling and laughing, posing for pictures.  Even though everyone had the same flowers, their crowns all turned out different. They were simply gorgeous!

CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-022 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-030 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-025 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-024 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-018 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-023 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-021 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-027 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-029 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-032 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-026 CountryBouquetsFloral-FlowerCrownWorkshop-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-028