Spa Day Birthday Party


Birthday parties are some of my favorite celebrations to design for.  Our recent spa day party, created with Jenny Cookies, topped the charts! Celebrating Jenny’s daughters 11th birthday, the styling started with the Minted birthday announcement Ally chose featuring a swan.  The color palette fell into place from there: white, blush and black.


Creating a focal point with the dessert table really sets the tone for the party.  Trying something new, Jenny purchased a pin board from Minted to use as the backdrop.  The beauty of this idea is that the board can be used after the party in Ally’s room.  Attaching flowers and vines directly to the board, I created a soft and flowing floral design to accent the gorgeous desserts provided by Jenny Cookies Bake Shop.

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-003 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-005 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-002

The cake was the show stopper.  A naked cake with dripping frosting, I topped it with roses, anemone and eucalyptus. Such a soft and pretty look!

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-021 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-004

Ally and her friends were treated to a fun afternoon of spa treatments. They learned how to take care of their skin with Fresh products. I’ve been a loyal customer of Fresh for year, loving their tinted lip balms and sugar scrubs.

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-007 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-023 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-006 (1) CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-013 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-015

They soaked their feet in warm water, epson salts and flower petals.

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-009 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-012 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-014 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-016 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-018

At the hair styling station, they practiced different ways to style their hair. I wish someone would have done this for me when I was Ally’s age.  Would have saved me from some pretty awful hairstyles I tried!

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-017 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-008

You may have noticed, I put touches of flowers and greenery everywhere I could.  The flowers helped carry the color palette through the various parts of the party. As did Jenny’s amazing collection of jeannette shell pink milk glass!

They finished by eating snacks and cake. Parting gifts of Fresh beauty products were given to her guests. How cool is that?

CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-010 CountryBouquetsFloral-KellyClarePhotography-JennyCookies-SpaDayParty-Blog-022

Happiest of birthday wishes to the sweetest girl.  Thank you, Jenny and Ally, for asking me to help with your spa day birthday party! And thanks to Kelly Clare Photography for sharing these amazing photos!