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Planting a Flower Garden


Ran across these images from a few years ago, taken while planting the garden in the Spring.  I never shared them in a post. Now seems like a good time, since I am at the same stage of planting! Our property use to be a dairy farm, which shut down in the 50’s. My gardens sits on the land where the main barn was. We still find bits of china, colored glass, rusty hinges, etc. when digging in the soil! Kind of like a treasure hunt, especially to my daughters. You can see a few bits in one of the pictures. The gardens are composed of annual and perennial beds.  The annuals last only one year, while the perennials come back each year.  Some annuals shown are sweet peas, which you will see as bright green seedlings all in a row. Some perennials are heuchera or coral bells, the littleRead More

On the Flower Farm – Spring Planting


Growing flowers is a large part of who I am as a floral designer. I actually consider myself a farmer florist, someone who grows the flowers they design with.  My garden in the Seattle area is a source of constant inspiration for me and a place where I find peace. I realized I tend to only take pictures of my finished floral designs, not of the process that leads up to it.  A goal of mine this year is to capture the process, starting with planting in the Spring. Starting in February, I start seeds inside my house.  Some plants take as long as 12 weeks before they are ready to be placed in the garden outside.  I am always amazed at how quickly a seed can turn into a plant in such a short time.  These seeds and plant are scabiosa zinnias. I source seeds from many places, including harvestingRead More