Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers

For those of you planning a Spring wedding, thought I would share some of my favorite designs from past years.  A little inspiration as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Enjoy!

Spring Arrangement by Country Bouquets Floral
I love the bright orange pop of color the icelandic poppies add to this arrangement.  

Spring wedding Bouquet by Country Bouquets Floral

An sometimes overlooked spring flower, this lilac bridal bouquet was not only stunning but it smelled amazing, too!

Wedding flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Spring wedding flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

These two images were from a spring styled shoot I created florals for.  All flowers used were seasonal and locally grown, many from my own garden.  My favorite part was the hyacinth flower stings hanging from the ceremony altar arrangement.

Spring flower arrangement by Country Bouquets Floral

Created as a lavish centerpiece or altar arrangement, this was completely made with locally grown flowers.

Spring bridal bouquet by Country Bouquets Floral

A bridal bouquet full of fluffy white peonies.  It's no wonder these flowers are so popular!

Spring bridesmaid bouquets by Country Bouquets Floral

Matching in color and style, the bridesmaid bouquets were featured double lilacs, garden roses, peonies and snowball viburnum.

Spring arrangement by Country Bouquets Floral

Though small in size, this tea cup arrangement packed a colorful punch with yellow spring narcissus and forsythia.

Spring wedding bouquet by Country Bouquets Floral

And finally, a bridal bouquet full of garden roses, ranunculus, snowbells, tulips and dusty miller. I love how the snowbells droop our and create movement for the bouquet.

SWS Wedding Tour - Country Chic

For the second post of our participation at the Skagit Wedding Society Wedding Tour, we will feature the other wedding look shown at Greenfield Farm and Garden. Featuring bright shades of pink with gold accents, this look is a country chic look that makes me smile.

Bella Vita Creative photo and flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Bella Vita Creative photo and flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Bella Vita Creative photo and flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

Flowers by Country Bouquets Floral

The flower I get the most requests for from brides is the peony.  Since the tour was during the peonies short season, I had to feature them!  One of my favorite varieties is the bright Coral Charm peony, which went well with the color palette choice of shades of pink with gold accents.  The venue has a lovely arbor they use as a backdrop for ceremonies, with burlap curtains and vines growing on it.  Focusing on adding color to the aisle, we hung gold vases filled with peonies and gold tinted leaves. The other chairs received ribbon details, which blew beautifully in the wind.

For the reception, the tables were draped in a bright watermelon colored linen, to add color to the large venue room.  Each table was adorned with a collection of vases, some tall and low, in shades of gold and white.  The low vase had a planted sedum. The medium gold vase had peonies. The tall white vase had gorgeous poppies and sweet peas.  Next to peonies, poppies are my favorite.  People had to touch them, not believing they were real! 

Thanks to the lovely Dana Chrysler of Bella Vita Creative for many of these photos. She does such an amazing job, much better than me! And thank you to the other vendors who helped make this wedding look possible: Greenfield Farm and Garden, Pacific Party Canopies and Lola Leigh Events.

Green and Orange Spring Wedding

I had the pleasure of creating flowers for a friends wedding this weekend, using only locally grown flowers.  It was a small affair, just a dozen close friends and family at their new house.  Think they were even moving into their house today, this was such a casual wedding :)

She didn't ask for much in regards to her flowers, just that she doesn't like pastel colors.  Sounds fair, until I start looking around my farm and find that most spring flowers are pastel.  The color pallet became white, spring green and orange. She also wanted to incorporate white dogwood blooms, since her parents used them in their spring wedding many years ago.

This is what I came up with for the centerpiece, all locally grown flowers. Flowers included are delphinium, double lilac, snowball viburnum, euphorbia, rubus, columbine and poppies.  The poppies were the most stunning I have ever seen, just this vivid orange paper thin petals that seemed to glow.

A bit harder to visualize, this is the cake topper.  When I delivered the flowers, the cake was not ready so could not place it on for the picture.  Flowers used in this arrangement include snowball viburnum, dogwood, sweet pea, delphinium, euphorbia, african daisy and clematis.  Just the perfect little bouquet of spring flowers.


Instead of bouquets, she asked for corsages.  Above is a pinned corsage, including dogwood, sweet pea, lilac, snowball viburnum and euphorbia.  Tied with an iridescent orange ribbon, it was quite beautiful.

Some of the ladies chose wrist corsages over pinned. Similar flower combination, just more lateral in shape.  You can really see the dogwood bloom in this image.  A great choice of flower to incorporate into a spring wedding.

I am anxious to hear how the wedding went and hope to see some pictures soon.  Will post a few if I can, so stay tuned.  This is a great example of how gorgeous a wedding can look using only locally grown flowers.  They were all fresh, had great fragrance and were the most vivid colors.  The photos really do not do them justice!

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