Graduation Bouquet for My Niece

Today my niece graduated from Skagit Valley College.  Our family is all very proud of her, the first of the niece and nephews to do so.  I wanted to create a special bouquet for her, to use at her after party.

There is a bed of gorgeous foxglove blooming that I have been waiting to for the right occasion to use.  Today was the day!  They are so tall, they are best featured in a large arrangement.  Here is the arrangement:

The foxglove are stunning spikes of peach and gold.  Paired with one of my favorite peonies, that are cream with golden tones.  A true peaches and cream combo, one of my favorite.  Also included are lady's mantle and catmint.

Here you can see the throats of the foxglove, speckled in rose pink.  And the gold tones of the peony are more visible as well.  I was sitting next to this arrangement later today and boy are those peonies fragrant.  In a good way, of course :)

Spring has so many flowers that are at their prime, it is hard to showcase them all.  But I was really happy to find a good use for these foxglove!

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